Door Handles and Locks

Top Quality Door Handles and Locks for Optimal Functionality

When renovating your home you may immediately think of the wall colour, ceiling, and flooring, but the door handles and locks are not often the first items that come to mind. Although certainly smaller than features such as carpets, lights, and walls, door handles, and locks can contribute to the overall image of the home.

It is often the smallest of items that can make a difference. An ordinary cupboard door can suddenly attract attention because of the stylish door handle. The plain room door can become impressive because instead of attaching an ordinary handle you have opted for a unique door handle.

Although the lock may be out of sight and not often selected because of its aesthetic value, it is also an important part of the handle choice. You need to select a lock that will work well with the handle and will ensure proper protection whilst also being durable.

Extensive Product Range

When thus spending energy and money in renovating or decorating a room or your whole house, attention should also be given to the door handles and locks to get the desired end-result. Just Handle It is the ideal supplier since we stock an extensive range of stylish Italian inspired handles and ironmongery.

Our product range is extensive and includes from door handles to knobs, ironmongery and locks. Our products come from top manufacturers in Italy including brands such as Pamar, Confalonieri, and Gem. The items in our range are suitable for applications in the hospitality and commercial industries in addition to residential homes.

French Provence and QS Ranges

The French Provence range has a stylish ornamental undertone while our QS range is well-priced and suitable for large building projects and housing developments. The QS range, although exceptionally affordable, is also durable and developed with optimal functionality in mind.

Pamar Range

For the entrance hall of a hotel, lodge or home, we can recommend the specially designed Pamar pull handles. When it comes to room doors, the silver and gold lever handles are ever so popular. Because we recognise the importance of having fully functional locks throughout the home, we only stock high quality and well tested locks that can endure ongoing usage.


Located in Randburg, Gauteng we offer you a central location and local office. In addition, we provide you the opportunity to select the product of choice online and have it delivered to your address anywhere in South Africa.

We provide you with instant access to top quality products, such as door handles and locks, and also ensure customisable delivery.

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