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door handle designAs a trusted supplier of door handles in Gauteng, people often ask our consultants about the most appropriate products for their homes. Our consultants not only have excellent product knowledge, but also understand customer needs. Some of the questions often asked about door handle selection by people not only living in Gauteng, but also other provinces of the country, are briefly answered below.

Which door knobs or handles should one use when childproofing a home?

In general, you will want your child to have access to the whole house except for rooms where dangerous goods such as detergents and pesticides are stored. Bathrooms are also considered rather dangerous places for the small ones and for doors leading to such rooms you can use door knobs rather than handles. The knobs can also be used on medical cabinet doors as such will be more difficult to turn and open when your children are still small.

What type of handle is suitable for the front entrance door to a house?

The handle selection for the entrance door depends on the architecture of the house, the door features, and your budget. In addition, you need to consider the durability of the handle. Since the front door is important when it comes to creating a good first impression, you will certainly want to spend a bit more on the handle. Select one that is larger than the ones used for room handles. It must be impressive and should be chosen to fit the overall style of the door. If the door has an antique feeling to it, we can recommend one of the handles or knobs from the French range in our product stable. If it is modern you may want to go with the QS range, which is also remarkably well-priced.

Why buy from Just Handle It?

We have several top ranges on offer and cater for residential homes, commercial developments, government projects, and the hospitality industries. We thus offer from sleek and modern, well-priced to high-end unique materials to suit the client requirements.

Clients have immediate access to our extensive product ranges through our online facility and to top brands in the industry including the likes of Confalonieri, Pamar, and Gem. Whether you want brushed nickel, polished chrome or satin finishes, you will appreciate the extensiveness of our door handle product stable. Samples can be delivered to your place of business in Gauteng if you are unable to visit our offices because of your busy schedule.

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